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A group of students attending a comprehensive two year course in archaeology in Mansfield in 1960 formed a society at the suggestion of the late Professor Maurice Barley of the University of Nottingham. 


The name Sherwood was chosen because an ancient oak tree in Mansfield's Westgate was traditionally considered to be the centre of Sherwood Forest, but our activities have generally focused in central and west Nottinghamshire.

Our research projects are of necessity small scale, but have varied greatly from limited ground surveys to long-term excavations, and we pride ourselves on the writing up and publication of our findings. Members are able to participate in its excavations and to help in post excavation processing.  

The Society has been very fortunate over the years in that Mansfield Museum allows us to store our artefacts, our archive and reports in controlled conditions in its Archaeology Store. The support and assistance we have received over the years from the Museum staff has been considerable, and we must in turn thank Mansfield District Council.

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